Thursday, December 29, 2016

Laura's Creations

I have been thinking of doing this for SO LONG! I am finally taking the plunge!
I am starting my own "craft" business in which I will sell handmade Cards, Mixed
Media Canvas Art, Wreaths, home decor items, hair bands and barrettes, and Special
Event decor like Birthday or Baby Shower banners, invitations, etc....
I will be posting my "creations" all the time on this blog so keep coming back to check to see
what is new and exciting!  I strive to provide Creations that my customers are going to really
LOVE, so if you see something you like but it isn't quite what you want contact me and we
will create a custom order that truly meets your needs!  That is what I truly love about creating
for other people, is making it special and personalized for them.  That is what I have always
loved about making hand made cards-making them unique for that person.  Whether it is their
favorite color, their favorite flower, or for one customer I made a card with their dad's favorite
type of vintage car on it for his birthday.  Those little details when making a card shows the
person who are giving it to, that you took the time and attention to create(or have created) a card
just for them!
When I am making my "Creations" I am very detailed and try to make whatever it is suit the customer.

I would like to thank all of my friends at work who encouraged me to take this step and
believed in me.
Thanks to: Corinne-my confidence booster and idea generator
                   Sara-always so positive and encouraging
                   Martina and Jenny-always so complimentary
                   Jennifer and Julietta-my positivity "sisters"
                   Ashley-so bubbly and positive!
                   Brigitte-so elegantly complimentary
I don't know if I would have taken this step without your encouragement and support.  Thanks to all of you, but especially Corinne!

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